What Others Are Saying

“I was never a big pork chop fan until I had yours!  I don’t buy meat at the store any more. Your pork is meat candy!” – Susanne G

“I just made the Beer can chicken using one of their whole chickens and it was delicious and very meaty. I will be get more whole chickens from them for sure” – Tammi M

“I have had the jalapenos brats [and] chicken. They are amazing. The brats are some of the best brats I have ever had off of a butchered pig. The whole chickens are my favorite on the grill as well.” – Hannah B

“We made homemade biscuits and gravy with the biscuit delight sausage, made our own Italian dish with rice, green beans and marinara with the sweet and sage sausage, and put the chicken in the crockpot and made shredded BBQ chicken tacos. All so, so good. Absolutely can tell a difference between store bought and your guys’ meat. 10x better then the store.” Heather C

“Shop Local ❤️ Best meat I have found so far! Great pricing❤️” – Andrea P

“We just used your chicken wings and they were delicious! We will be ordering again soon! The biscuits delight sausage is already on our menu for next weekend!” – Lindsey S

“We had the bacon ends today and they were so good!” – Kari J

“I just finished a big plate of biscuits and gravy made with your fine sausage.  Really good!! ” – Rick H

I’m in love with the ground beef! We normally buy store bought. I didn’t know how unhealthy it was until we cooked your product. Your product had zero grease. Zero. It taste so much better. I can’t believe for years we’ve been putting stuff in our body that was so unhealthy” – Linda J