They are all dead..

*Sensor Warning-contains dead animals

I don’t think I could watch another chicken die this batch.

7:00 AM Thursday morning, the post office calls to tell me that my batch of 225 chickens have made their way to Shelbyville, IN, but “I think they are all dead” Linda says.

I rush to get the baby loaded up and race to pull into the small alley off Harrison Street. I ring the the bell and say “I’m here to pick up my chicks”. He leads me to the 3 cardboard boxes that should be booming with little peeps but all I hear is “peep…….peep………….peep”.

I get them home and start counting.




Half dead.


Barely alive.

24 hours later, I had a box full of 225 dead chickens.

I was crying. I was done. This is horrible. Who could do this? How did this even happen? They must have gotten too cold. Don’t people see that its going to get cold and these are LIVING THINGS?!

I could sit here and bash the postal service, as so many people have been. I could bash the hatchery, but really they were wonderful! There customer service was great, yes I got a full refund. It just got too cold for peepers. So we have decided that it just doesn’t make sense for our business to buy chicks if we can’t pick them up when they hatch.

We were able to piece together 30 here, 20 there, 90 more, and finally our saving grace. A women in southern Indiana hatches her own chicks, she had 100 chicks from an order that was never picked up.

We believe that everything happens for a reason. We met this lady out of pure happenstance. And here she is, saving our growing season. Needless to say, she will have our business as long as she wants! Thankfully, after a very long 36 hours of pure hell, we are all home, warm, and ready for our 2021 chicken season.

Have you every mail ordered chickens? Who is your go to supplier?