Big Farming Mistake! | A Problem With Our Hereford Cows

I feel like such a bad farmer…

Did you see our posts and videos about how soon will we have calves on the ground?? Well apparently we were all wrong…

You may be wondering what happened. Yeah… me too!

We decided to breed our cows through AI when we got them back on the farm from being bred by a bull. We thought that it would save us money in the long run. $20 per semen straw, breed the cows once, maybe twice if needed. Well… $200 later and they are still having a cycle.

I decided I was going to try one more time with a little bit of influence, we used a small dose of hormone supplements that will help the egg become fertilized and help that egg embed in the uterus. Think of it in the human form, it’s a naturally occurring hormone and sometimes we just need a little push. No, the hormones will not affect the meat production or what you eat.

Then, I thought I had it. I didn’t see any signs of heat. But just to be sure, I had the vet come out to check them. 2 pregnant, 1 open. UGH! Okay, 2 is better than none.

9 months later… still no calf…

We decided the next best thing was to buy a bull. He can get the job done way better than I can, and he is on the farm when I am not. He knows the best possible time to make sure the cows become pregnant. 

He has been on the farm for a total of 4 months now. We had him for 2 months and decided to send him to a friend’s farm to breed his cows. He was there for 2 months and we believe he got the job done! Yay, Go Blue! Back to Schoentrup Farms he goes, and 2 months has now gone by. We saw him “jump” a couple of the cows as soon as he came back. No activity since. 

I feel like such a bad farmer. 

What was I expecting?! Everything to always be sunshine and rainbows? Well… yeah actually, I was. 

Tough reality hit. Farming is not composed of what goes right, but what went wrong and how it was fixed. Although, I haven’t fixed it yet. 

My plan is to watch for a few more months and check them for pregnancy. If they are not pregnant, we have to get them off our farm… 

I am heart broken even writing that last sentence. But the harsh truth is that this is a business. And we cannot afford to feed animals that do not make us money. 

Here’s to hoping we have 4 pregnant cows!