Conventional Ag and the Perpetual Degradation Cycle

Research from University of Colorado at Boulder has released a latest update on soil degradation and what it costs U.S. corn farmers… $500,000,000… per year… 

Did your eye bulge out too?? 

How does an industry with the leading technological advancement on the planet constitute such a horrendous loss? Well, what they lose on one end, they make up for on the other. It doesn’t take long to follow the money in big ag, and it tends to run in circles. 

Add fertilizer to make a higher yield. Saturate the market with supply while demand stays the same. Prices go down. Need better seed to make higher yield to make more money. Pay more money to add more fertilizer to the treated seeds to help with germination. Around and around we go on the merry go round… 

This is why it is so important to grow, sell, and market a product for yourself. Anyone you pay, you pay them locally. Anything you buy, you buy it locally. Anything you sell, you sell it locally. Noticing a trend here? If you keep the majority of you business local, that is where your money stays. 

Comment below what are your thoughts on keeping things local?

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