Raising Broilers on Pasture – Week 3

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The chickens now have their primary flight feathers and the cute little fluffiness is now gone. We like to call this the ugly teenager phase, ha! They also have access to the third section of the brooder, giving them the entire 32 square feet to run around in.


Not much else has changed. The chickens are finishing up their starter feed and are transitioning to their grower/finisher feed. This transition is important because you don’t want to shock their systems by introducing a new feed out of no where, so we start phasing in the new feed. This allows time for their digestive system to understand what is going on.

To save on shavings and to also help their little guts, we use hay chaff as bedding mixed with the pin shavings in the previous two weeks. They chickens like to pack through the chaff and eat the small bugs that are in there. They also munch on the hay. This helps them understand that when they get out on the pasture, they can eat the green stuff they poop on.

We still feed and water twice a day, but we have upgraded them from their small feeders and waters to their big ones. You can see the Plasson Broiler Drinker in the picture above. We love it! It makes keeping the chickens hydrated easy as could be!

Giving them fresh feed keeps them eating the good stuff. They don’t eat a lot when their feed is covered in poop. I mean, I wouldn’t want to eat it either, ha.

Next week, we put them out the pasture!

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