Penelope – The Guard Goose

Hello! My name is Lady Penelope. My job is to look intimidating and protect my chickens. I like to think at the humans, eat bugs in the grass, and flap my wings really big!



People think this is the funniest part of our farm. Some laugh because she is cute, some because they are terrified of geese (those damn Canadian geese are truly mean though!), and others because they think we are crazy and don’t understand why we would have a goose with our broilers.

If you read the post about our chicken tractor, you know we changed things up a bit this year. If you didn’t read it, you can do so here.

We were super excited about our new chicken tractor. But our biggest concern was areal predators. We had read that a lone goose will protect their flock as if protecting their young. So we thought, why not try it out?! If farming is anything, it is trying new things and changing things as you go!

We did some research on the types of geese that others have used for protection. Such as, African Goose, Roman Goose, Pomeranian Goose, and Chinese Goose. We decided to go with the African Grey Goose. They average 18 pounds, which is among the bigger sized geese that are used for protection, they also have a very loud honk to help alert to humans and deter against predators. And they are very pretty, as you can see how beautiful Lady Penelope is!

So here we are! Penelope has done a fantastic job protecting these chickens against areal predators, we haven’t lost any!

Once Penelope is mature and starts laying eggs we will collect them and eat them for breakfast. They are just as nutritious as chicken eggs, times 3!

We love having Penelope on the farm and are excited to see how she matures. Stay tuned for an update!

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