May Newsletter

Happy May everyone!!

They say April showers bring May flowers right? With as much crazy weather as we had in April I sure hope that holds true! Speaking of weather, what a beautiful day for May 1st!!

Despite Mother Natures efforts, most of our garden crops are looking great! We even got to try out our first lettuce crop last month. Have you ever had fresh lettuce?! I mean real fresh. Like, I washed the soil off of it and then chowed down. Oh. My. Goodness. I will never be able to eat preserved lettuce again!! The taste is spectacular, the texture is phenomenal, and for me personally, the allergies are non existent!!!!! I wrote a post earlier about not being one for gardening in the past but when I found out I could eat fresh veggies and fruit from a garden without needing to rip out my throat, I decided we would plant as much of everything as we could. You can read more about it here.

Speaking of April showers, we met so many new customers and saw a lot of veteran customers. The super markets aren’t able to keep up with the just-in-time delivery system that big business has deemed pertinent and consumers are paying for it. But, that means other avenues are opening up. Your small, local, farmers are stepping up to the plate, ready to feed the communities they care for so deeply.

We are here for you. Schoentrup Farms is focusing on you. There are many important moving parts that are involved in running a successful business. And at the end of the day, yes, we are running a business. But unlike the larger corporations, our focus is not on getting as much out the door as fast as we can to make the most money as quickly as possible.


Our focus is you. We love talking with you, getting to know you, finding out what is important to you, and what you expect from us. The result of that conversation is the high quality product you receive from us. You came to us because our products provide our community with high quality food, raised honestly, sustainability, and ethically for not only the animal, but also the soil, the air, and ultimately, our bodies. But you keep coming back because we genuinely care about YOU, as a person. Although this virus has made it difficult to do that, we will keep trying! We may not always have chicken breasts or steaks or pork chops. But we will always have a big bright smile, a genuine conversation, and a see again soon!

And since I brought up what we don’t have… many have asked about our decreased inventory. Because we raise our own animals, we only breed for a specific number each year. Thankfully, we had a few extra animals last year that pushed us into this spring. We have been able to service all kinds of new and existing customers when others couldn’t. But… we still only have so much, and yes, our freezers are getting close to empty.

meat collective

But, do not worry! We will have meat again!! I tell every customer to sign up for our email list because you will be the first notified when we restock, even before social media!! So keep an eye out for our emails.

I have always promised not to spam you with gibberish, and I have kept that promise! I send gibberish to the blog email list. If you want some extra gibberish, let me know! Send me a message and I will add you to the blog email list! Otherwise, the farm email list is strictly for our monthly newsletter and product updates. So pay attention to your email box. I would hate for you to miss out on something important.

Oh, and did you see we got a goose?! Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel to find out why!


I know there is a lot of negativity in the world right now, so do us a favor, and do one thing that shines a positive light somewhere. Use the hashtag #schoentrupfarms and let us know what you are doing to enjoy the good in life!

Until next time, have a great Friday, stay safe, wash your hands, and let us know if you need some meat for your meals next week!

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