2 Ingredient Buffalo Wings

Who doesn’t love wings?? In my house, anytime we can get wing, we do!! But we were out of actual wings, so we grabbed some drumsticks and went to town!

I am all for making things in the kitchen simple. We don’t need to spend 3 hours using 15 different ingredients to make a delicious meal. Especially when you are cooking with farm fresh pasture raised meat. I’m not saying this out of bias! When you cook with farm fresh meat that has been raised entirely on pasture, it cooks easier, it has way more flavor, and it is juicier!

So for todays wing recipe I had 2 packages of drumsticks which accounted for 9 drumsticks (one package had a bonus!). I used 1 cup of Franks Red Hot Sause and 4 tablespoons of local honey we get from a friend and combined them into a big mixing bowl. I heated them up with a double boiler method, just enough for the honey to mix with the Franks Red Hot evenly. I then added the drumsticks to the mixing bowl coating them entirely with the mixture. Once covered, I added them to the cast iron skillet and poured the extra sauce over the top of them.

Here’s where I went crazy!! I covered the cast iron skillet with aluminum foil and put it on the grill!! I know! Mind blown! I use my cast iron skillet for everything!!! I cooked on medium heat in the middle of the grill with only the right and left burners on for about 30 minutes, but make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly. Once the meat was cooked entirely, I took off the foil and let it cook for a little longer while rotating the drumstick to get the skin a little crunchy.


I paired it with some zucchini I hoarded from this grocery store deficit. Weird side note, no one is taking the fruit and vegetables. Did you know you can freeze anything?! So I unfroze the zucchini by steaming it and then put it in a skillet with some olive oil to crisp it up.


And there you go! 2 ingredients, 45 minutes later, you have some great tasting buffalo wings!

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