Gardening Wasn’t For Me

Until this year, I had really no interest in gardening. I love eating food fresh from the garden! Heck, because my allergies are ridiculous, garden fresh fruit and veggies are all my body will let me eat. You may be thinking, what is she talking about?! But its true. It all started in the third grade… okay, I won’t get on a tangent. Let’s just say I am allergic to fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, peanuts, and shellfish. I can have a select few fruits and vegetables or they have to be cooked. It wasn’t until college that I realized I didn’t have an allergic reaction if I ate fruits and vegetables fresh from an organic garden. How interesting… right? If there are no chemicals on the plant, I can eat it!!

Note: I don’t mess with the peanuts and shellfish!! That’s just too risky!

Back to this years garden. My husband loves to have ideas!! He wanted to build a DIY greenhouse, so I let him. He wanted to build wicking tubs, so I let him. And I have to give it to him… its working out pretty nicely! Not that I doubted him or anything, ha! If you’re interested in building some for yourself, check out his YouTube channel! He does a great job explaining everything and they are so easy to maintain!

I think we all have realized this year that being self sustainable is something we should all take seriously. So my goal is to can and/or freeze half, if not more than half, of everything that comes from our garden so we have fruits and veggies to eat throughout the winter! It has actually made me really excited about gardening this year!

There is just something to be said about a beautiful day spent outside with no real agenda, no plans, just knowing things need done and doing some of them. The weather was so nice, we decided to plant some potatoes in our outside raised beds. We also have strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and lettuce in the greenhouse already! And I let the hubs do the hard work of tilling out some of the yard for the corn and viney plants like squash and watermelon.

We decided it would be easier to keep the weed pressure down if we used some left over garden fabric as a plastic mulch and cut small X’s in the spots we wanted to put our plants. Once we had the beds mapped out we dug our holes, added a little miracle grow, put in the transplant or seed (depending on what we were planting), and then watered them.

I noticed as the wind was picking up the fabric was being grabbed, so we made our own little stakes from 14 gauge wire. We cut off about 6 inches and bent two ends at about 2 inches. We poked it through the fabric and into the soil. It seems to be working great.


In total, we will have 350 square feet of plants for the garden this year!!

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Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy the wonderful weather!!

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