I made Lotion… from LARD!

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First thought, ew.

Why would you make lotion with lard? Why would you put lard on your skin? I don’t want to smell like bacon.

I had all these thoughts and questions when I was trying to find something, anything, to help my sudden need for lotion because of eczema. The virus was just starting to break out so I was washing my hand constantly at my 9-5 job and using hand sanitizer after every customer interaction, itchy nose, and when someone across the building coughed. On top of that, 6 months of pregnancy made my skin soo dry!! So I started doing some research.

I looked on Pinterest and saw others using beef fat and pork fat to make lotion and I thought… “Yeah! That makes sense!” What do you think they did back in the day for dry skin?? Fat! Plus, because it comes from an animal our skin absorbs it so much easier than artificial materials and it has a bunch natural vitamins and minerals our skin needs to be healthy.

At the same time, I was trying to find ways to fully incorporate as much of the animals we process as we could! I mean, we raise them, we pay for them to be processed the way we find most ethical, why not ask for the fat too?? You can check out our post about how our animals are processed organically here.

From what I read, beef tallow, which is the rendered fat that is found around the internal organs, is the best for lotions. But we didn’t have any beef ready for processing. But we did have some lard! So I thought, well… it’s fat right? Let’s give her a try!!

On a Sunday afternoon I went to the kitchen and got the lard, vitamin E oil, locally sourced canola oil, beeswax pallets, and lavender essential oil. I bought the vitamin E oil and beeswax pallets on amazon. I used a double boiler to melt everything together. Let it cool. Added water. And used a hand mixer to whip it up. I have it stored in a mason jar in the fridge.

Maybe I should put a note here… this is not a recipe post. I threw this together as a first time go just to see if I would even like it. I am going to tweak my own recipe and I will write a more detailed recipe blog post about it later.

Anyway, I AM IN LOVE!!!! Although, I should have added more lavender essential oil because I kind of smell like bacon, ha. But its not as noticeable as my pregnant nose seems to think, I asked others!

I put it on my dry spots and even on my growing belly after every shower. At first, it is very oily! But about 6 hours later my skin is the softest it has ever been in my whole life!! AND… my eczema is GONE! No patchy spots, no burning itch, no tight skin after a shower after only using it two times. It is so amazing!!!


My plan for the future, like I said above, it to perfect my recipe but I also want to use all locally sourced ingredients. One of the vendors at our farmers market is a beekeeper, so I want to get some of his beeswax. The canola oil I used for this batch was actually made in Indiana!! I’m not sure how I would find vitamin E oil locally, but maybe I can find a substitute??

If you have ever made your own lotion with animal fats, let me know what ingredients you liked, didn’t like, or absolutely hated! I am so excited to be able to have such a luxury made cheaply and sustainably!!

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