5 Ways to Keep the House Clean and Farm

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When you have a full-time 9-5 job and full-time farmstead, keeping the house clean and smelling less like the barn can be a struggle. I wrote a blog spot earlier about this not being a part time job. I am sure many of my fellow farmHER’s out there can agree!! There are weeks you just let things slip… until you realize you are out of underwear… oops! Ha. Then, there are weeks that you feel on top of the world, like you can do anything!! The house is clean, laundry is folded and put away, you have a candle burning… ahhh let us all take a moment of silence for this serenity!!

BUT. The overwhelming, anxious, failure, type feelings come creeping back in and the barn is actually cleaner the house. AGAIN! Ugh, how could I let this happen?? Girl, I get you! The reality is, the farm is more important than a clean house and we all know this. That is why we let it slip.

In an attempt to easily, quickly, and effortlessly keep my house as clean as possible during some of the busiest seasons, I have established a routine that incorporates the following 5 things…

1. Laundry Every Day


What?? You mean I don’t have to do 50 loads of laundry on Sunday night and let the clean clothes pile up on the couch until next Sunday when we have worn them all so now the cycle just repeats?! Oh.

Every night, I add one load of laundry to the washer. In the morning, I move it to the dryer. I go to work. That evening, I fold the clothes directly from the dryer. This is a big one for me. I find I am more likely to put the clothes away if I fold them directly from the dryer. Before we go to bed, I take that one load to our bedroom and put the clothes away.

BOOM! Laundry done. And it was so easy. Now, for those of you that maybe have limited time in the morning, you can change this up as you need to.

2. Wash Dishes Every Night


I have a dishwasher but this can be used if you are washing dishes by hand also!

Every morning I unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher while I am cooking my breakfast. From there, anytime the rest of the day there is a dirty dish that needs washed, we rinse it out and add it to the dishwasher. That night, I let the dishwasher do the work while we sleep!!

Amazing! How great is that?! Sometimes I do get a little rushed in the morning so I switch around the routine… turn on when I leave for work and unload that night. Whatever gets the job done.

3. Meal Prep


Does anyone else feel like the phrase “meal prep” is the most anxiety driven phrase a mom can hear?? The cute pictures you see, the recipes, the shopping list… it is so time consuming. And us farmHER’s do not have a lot of that just laying around.

So, stop right there! Meal prep does not need to be anything more than setting out meat to thaw during the day for dinner, then pair a veggie and a starch to finish the food pyramid and popping it into the Instapot for 10 minutes. If you are looking for lunch options, choose lunches and snacks that can be pieced together. For example, a chicken salad sandwich with an apple.

Meal prepping does not have to be super elaborate, it just needs to feed you!

4. Roomba


I was against getting a Roomba for a long time! I kept saying I was women enough to sweep my own floors. Well, my husband had a little pow wow with my in-laws and they got us one for Christmas. Oh. My. Lanta. It is a life changer!!

We have a Hunter. He is an 8 year old Collie-Aussie that sheds constantly!!! And no, I did not tourture him to take that picture, he just hates the camera.. Anyway, we have hard wood floors in our whole house, except for the living room. Guess where Hunter’s hair loves to stick?? Yeah… the living room!

So, every 3rd night while I sleep and hubs is at the firehouse, I turn that sucker on and it goes “Du Do DOO” and starts cleaning my house for me!!!! *GASP* I wake up in the morning to those glorifying marks in the carpet! Ahh… yes!

You can buy Amazon’s Editors Choice Roomba here.

5. Let It Be


Sometimes life just gets busy. Especially for us farmHER’s!! When life is a bundle of clustered yarn, take care of what needs to be done and clean the house later. It will not end the world, I promise!!

I hope you are able to use these 5 ways to keep your house clean and still farm like I have. It has made my life seem less chaotic and has taken a lot of the stress of needing to be a “housewife” off my shoulders.

Comment below or shoot me a message to share what tips and tricks you use for keeping your family and home sane!

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