April Newsletter

We knew going into March that it would be crazy and hectic, but apparently we had no idea just how crazy and hectic it would be. Paul had scheduled his clinicals for paramedic school mostly back to back so he could have them done before the baby gets her. We had our first set of birthing classes each week. I had 3 4-H meetings scheduled. All of this on top of running the farm day to day.


Then… the virus hit and everything went up in the air. EXCEPT day to day farm chores. It’s funny how the world can seem to be crashing down around you but the sun will still rise again and the animals still need fed. That realization had kept Paul and I humble during these times of uncertainty and constant change.


So, what did we do on the farm in March?? We got dirty.


The greenhouse is holding up great!! We have had some high winds come through and some cold weather. But these little plants are taking off! Inside the greenhouse, we have wicking tubs we are using to grow deep rooted plants and a raised bed to grow plants that require constant warmth. Outside the greenhouse, we will have 3 raised beds outside the greenhouse to put the wild growing viny plants and sweet corn.

We cannot wait to start harvesting!! I plan to can and/or freeze at least half of what comes from our garden this year. If you have any good recipes, tips, or tricks to preserving garden harvest drop them below!!


One a different note, I want to talk about this month. As of right this second that I am writing this news letter, our Farmers Markets will start on time, Saturday, May 16 from 8 am to 12 pm. However, things are constantly changing… so I pose a question to you. Did you know we have a biweekly delivery??


Every other Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm we can deliver your order straight to you OR from 2 pm to 6 pm you can come out to the farm pick up your order. This is a great opportunity to consistently receive your groceries with ease and comfortability. As of now, this will continue until the Farmers Markets start. Please check your emails for any updates! To sign up, click the link here.


Until next time, stay safe, wash your hands, and we hope to see you around!!

4 thoughts on “April Newsletter”

  1. Ordered meat from you for the first time. We had the sausage so far and it was delicious! Look forward to doing more business with you.
    Josh & Donna

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  2. When is your baby due. I’m glad you will be canning for the future. If you need jars I have plenty of extras to share with you


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