Accountability & Traceability

Accountability. Traceability.

Those can be big words… so what do they mean for Schoentrup Farms exactly??

First, if you haven’t read our post about our processor, you should check it out here. I talk about who we use to process (or harvest) our animals and why. We raise the animals from babies to maturity and ask someone else to do the dirty work, then we take the meat product back to the farm and sell it to our customers. But… can’t anyone do that?? Yes, they can.

So what makes us so special?

We have chosen our processor very carefully. We use This Old Farm to process our beef and pork. They give us the peace of mind knowing we are getting our animals back. That sounds like a very simple concept… doesn’t every process do this? Sadly, no.

To keep things efficient and moving forward, if a mistake is made on say, a pork chop for example, a different processor may take a pork chop from another animal to fulfill an order that requested a specific number of pork chops. This Old Farm will not do that!

When there is a mistake made, because lets face it, mistakes happen, we are all human, our processor will give us that cut of meat and tell us they made a mistake. Mistakes can range from a mislabel, to cutting the shoulder wrong. Once a cut is made, you can’t just sew it back and start over. Its done. We have to use what we have. This is accountability.

Processing facilities can also be quite hectic. If they are particularly busy, everyone has one job, like an assembly line. That means there count be 10 hands that touch one single piece of meat at other processing facilities. This Old Farm targets to keep those hands down to at most 5 and documents exactly who touched what. This is important because of contamination. The more hands touch something the more at risk it is for germs, and no one wants a higher risk for germs. They then keep all our meat separate from other meat until we come to pick it up. This is traceability.

What do these two words mean to you, our customers? It means we are an open book. We admit when we are wrong, we aren’t afraid to do so, and we surround ourselves with people that think similarly. But it also means that sometimes we need some patience. Our number 1 concern is that you are taken care of and to accomplish that, we may need a little extra time. But at the end of the day, you will have a wholesome product that you can trust came from our farm, raise entirely by us, and came back with the same DNA.

So there you have it. We know who, what, when, where, and how our meat is handled from the time we drop off a live animal to the time we pick up the meat frozen and packaged. And that is why we are so special!


*Featured image credited to This Old Farm

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