Meet The Mangalitsa!

Meet the Mangalitsa!


What?! A pig covered in hair?! But why?!


The flavor-packed, juicy fat is unbeatable! It’s the Kobe beef of pork. If you’re familiar with pigs, you’ll understand that pigs over the last few decades have been bred with the intent of no fat, but just lean meat. But, it turns out that breeding that way, the pork becomes tasteless. This is why we aim for high-quality marbling in all of our hogs, but with the Mangalitsa….There is no comparison!


This pig descends from Hungary and takes longer to get to ideal weight than a traditional pig.

We wish that we could raise an entire breed of Mangalitsa, and maybe we will in the future. But for now, it is incredible to bring this incredible animal from our farm to your table! (while supplies last )


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