Let’s Talk About Processing…

Every animal has a bad day. Just like us, as humans, we all have our day. The animals we raise, whether its 8 weeks for chickens, 9 months for hogs, and 18 months for cattle. We all have our number 1 bad day. However, we have researched the most humane way to give those animals their proper respect and their bad day on the farm as easy and painless and quick as possible. We have put a lot of time, money, and effort into our animals, so we have done our due diligence in finding the best processor to handle our animals. We wanted to find businesses that are local, clean, and provide us with 100% accountability and traceability of our animals. Although this is not to discourage how other processors operate, we want to show how great our processors are.

Our chickens spend 8 great weeks on our farm, enjoying pasture, bugs, dirt, and vitamin C. These things have made our chicken incredible and extremely high quality. J&M Poultry is located in Cambridge City, IN and are certified state inspected. Did you know that per the State Animal Board of Health, anyone can process their own chickens if it is under 1,000 birds per year?! Yeah! Our family farm has done business with them for many years, they have taught us how to sell our product and what style of cuts customers prefer. Being so close to Golliher Meats, using J&M has allowed us to spend time with our family on those long days. Everything is vacuum sealed and is frozen immediately.

This Old Farm is a women-owned business in Colfax, IN. Talk about the best place for our hogs and calves to get their bad day on the farm. The animals are euthanized very quickly and humanely. Again, with importance in raising our animals with the highest quality in mind, This Old Farm has that same standard. They are also USDA Inspected and graded! Most processing plants in Indiana are only state inspected and are not graded! This Old Farm has the same beliefs that we do, operating locally, supporting local agriculture and local communities. Since 2000, they have processed animals and provided their local community with a place to buy high-quality products with full transparency about where the animal was raised and how it was raised. We drive a long way to have our animals processed there because of the way they conduct business. We also learned from them what customers want, they provide local workshops where farmers can get together and talk about what is selling well and what is not.

Something that we fully believe in and operate with is transparency, accountability, and coming together as a family to get the job done. I’m sure you’ve read our other posts right.  What am I saying? Of course, you have! (but, here’s a link in case you want to reread them!) Anyway, At Schoentrup Farms, we take all our partners seriously and will promote them as much as we promote ourselves. We encourage conversation and welcome it with open arms if you have questions… just ask!

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