Let’s Talk About Processing!

This may be something people find hard to talk about, but we know it is a part of life and it is our responsibility to make sure our animals are respected from start to finish!

If you are new here, I am Olivia Schoentrup, with Schoentrup Farms. We raise beef, pork, and chicken on pasture in Central Indiana. We deliver high quality meat products directly to consumers in our local community. 

We take pride in the quality of meat we give our customers. We know it is one thing that sets us apart from others. We focus on genetics, feed, and environment. But one of the most important, impactful places that determine quality, is the very last thing these animals do for us.

We have researched the most humane way to give those animals their proper respect and their last day as easy and painless and quick as possible. We have put a lot of time, money, and effort into our animals while they are in our care, so we completed the same due diligence in finding the best processor to handle our animals for their last day. We wanted to find businesses that are local, clean, and provide us with 100% accountability and traceability of our animals. Although this is not to discourage how other processors operate, we want to show how great our processors are.


Our chickens spend 8 great weeks on our farm, enjoying pasture, bugs, dirt, and sunshine! These things create the extreme high quality you have come to know and love. To care for these animals one their last day, we chose a reliable processor that has been in business for many years. J&M Poultry is located in Cambridge City, IN and are certified state inspected. Did you know that per the State Animal Board of Health, anyone can process their own chickens if it is under 1,000 birds per year?! Yeah! Our family farm has done business with them for many years, they have taught us how to sell our product and what style of cuts customers prefer. Everything is vacuum sealed and is frozen immediately.


For the beef and pork, we use This Old Farm, a women-owned business in Colfax, IN. Again, we focus on raising our animals with the highest quality in mind; This Old Farm has that same standard. Since 2000, they have processed animals and provided their local community with a place to buy high-quality products with full transparency about where the animal was raised and how it was raised.

They are also USDA Inspected and graded! Most processing plants in Indiana are only state inspected and are not graded! This is important to us because USDA inspectors have the certification for organic processing. That means that all carcasses are washed with 150 degree F WATER, where other facilities use a bleach wash. Organic also means there are no MSG’s or Nitrates used to preserve the meat products, where other processors do. (I will do a post at another time explaining why this is important to us.) This Old Farm also has a primary focus on accountability and traceability. Click here to find out why this is important to them, to us, and why it should be important to you as well!

The coolest part about our processor is that they provide local workshops where farmers can get together and talk about current issues, such as new products, marketing, and how to help customer (you).

Something that we fully believe in and operate with is transparency, accountability, and coming together as a family to get the job done. I’m sure you’ve read our other posts right.  What am I saying? Of course, you have! (but, here’s a link in case you want to reread them!)


At Schoentrup Farms, we take all our partners seriously and will promote them as much as we promote ourselves. After all, we wouldn’t have a finished product without them! We encourage conversation and welcome it with open arms.

If you have additional questions about how we do things and why, just ask!

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