Where It All Began

Hello! Welcome to Schoentrup Farms. We are Paul and Olivia Schoentrup.

First, we want to thank you for joining us today! Our moto is Educate, Grow, Inspire and we want to do just that with you!

We will take you on a journey and show you how our farm encompasses our moto. So we hope you stick around, because we have a lot to show you!


How did two, young, awesome, people meet and start farming?? Well, like any good story, it started when a boy met a girl….

Paul, a US Air Force Veteran, and Olivia, a 5th generation farmer, met while Olivia was studying at Purdue. Although Paul had no farming or agricultural background, he spent a summer with her at her family farm. We tended a 5 acres garden and many animals. This was nothing new for Olivia. She grew up on this farm raising beef cattle, so adding a few extra critters was no feat. Paul, however, realized quickly that farming was no joke. But he fell in love… with both farming and Olivia!!

And the rest is history!



Paul is a firefighter for the local department and Olivia works at a bank during the day. Although our day jobs keep us busy, our passion for our farm is our highest priority!

On the little farmstead in Central Indiana, Paul and Olivia raise Hereford beef cows and Cornish Cross broiler chickens. While land capacity is low, we utilize Olivia’s family’s farm to raise crossbred Mangalitsa pigs. And what farm isn’t complete without a few laying hens, 7 Road Island Red hens to be exact?!

We raise our animals on pasture with free access to grass, hay, grain, dirt, and bugs. We use rotational pastures where the animals have access to the highest quality grasses in each field every day. This means they are grain finished. You can read more about it to find out what that means, exactly.

When they reach maturity, our animals are processed by an organic processor that does not use MSG’s or nitrates to preserve our products. This is very important, so I wrote a all about it! We sell our meat products directly to consumers at the local farmers market, off the farm, and we even make deliveries (if they are relatively close). We guarantee 100% traceability and 100% accountability. This means we know what meat cut came from what animal and who handled it. This may sound a bit morbid, but it is actually very important, so of course I had to expand on its importance.

We can go on and on about how we raise our animals, and we did! Check out our blog, Chickabiddy Chatter, and our YouTube channel to get a real look at how and why we raise our animals the way we do.


Not only are we dedicated to providing our retail customers with high quality, accountable, and traceable products, but we want to share it with the world! We want to show you that buying local and being self sustainable is NOT a thing of the past, but a necessity for the future.

-Paul & Olivia Schoentrup