Hello! Welcome to our farm website!

We are Paul and Olivia Schoentrup of Schoentrup Farms.

As the popularity continues to grow for buying local and sustaining our small farmers, we want to share with you our unique story of why we decided to start farming and why we are utilizing a mixture of unconventional and new-aged ways to do so. Below is some personal background of both Paul and Olivia.

Paul is a Shelby County native and U.S. Air Force Veteran. He has traveled the world and has always had a passion for learning new things. He is currently furthering his career in Firefighting and EMT, with the hopes to one day support his community in a way few can.

Olivia grew up on a small family farm in Wayne County, IN. She graduated from Purdue University in Animal Sciences. Choosing the unpaved path, she has decided to follow her gut by establishing a career in banking.

Paul and Olivia met while she was finishing her schooling at Purdue. During that time Paul found an unlikely hobby he fell in love with, woodworking. He started making tables and shelves, entertainment centers, and decorative benches. Since then, he has gained a greater craftsmanship for various woodworking products such as cutting boards and patriotic wall art.

Olivia’s family currently owns a farm to table operation in Wayne County, IN where they sell beef and pork meat products while also maintaining a couple hundred acres of row crop and hay pasture. One summer, Paul went home with Olivia to work on her family farm and he fell in love with not only Olivia, but farming as well.

In the beginning of 2017, we bought a small farm outside of Shelbyville, IN. Shortly thereafter we were married on a beautiful farm next to all our friends and family. We soon acquired a few cows and then some chickens. We have now grown our herd to continue expanding our farming production.

We have two main business goals:

  1. To become an established farm-to-table operation; selling meat product alongside Olivia’s father.
  2. To be open and transparent about our farming practices.

As we work toward our goals, we promise to keep our followers in mind by continuing to offer products that are not only local but of high quality. We will be diligent to update you on our productivies and farm advancements as often as we can.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you around soon!

-Paul & Olivia

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